DCPS Budget Guide for FY13 

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In the fall of 2011, 8,500 DCPS stakeholders shared their hopes and dreams for the school district. Through public meetings, surveys, and online feedback, community members expressed that their top area of concern was whether DCPS has adequate financial resources to deliver a high quality program.

How these resources are spent has been a long-standing question for members of the community, the Council, and the press.

As a steward of public dollars, it is DCPS’s responsibility to present financial data in a transparent, clear and precise manner that is accessible and understandable to a wide audience.

This budget guide, published independently of, but aligned to, the DCPS Agency Budget Chapter, presents a breakdown of the proposed FY13 DCPS budget, and highlights new strategic investments to support student achievement.

While the guide will not resolve all outstanding financial questions, in conjunction with school specific data available here on our website, it shows what resources go into providing a high quality education for our students. It will be successful if you, the reader, learn how DCPS allocates resources to benefit schools and students, how central office, school support and school functions are funded, and how DCPS’s strategic priorities are reflected in the budget.

All data is current as of April 18, 2012. Some data may change as the year progresses.

Download DCPS Budget Guide for FY13.

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