Full-Time Teachers 

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Position Overview

Salary: $51,539 to $83,199

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Set and reinforce clear expectations and routines that are aligned with the school’s overall vision
• Develop and implement curricula and activities to meet academic standards
• Thoughtfully plan daily lessons and implement specific strategies to meet the needs of all students, providing extra support, enrichment, or variation of work when necessary
• Demonstrate strong content knowledge
• Design and implement assessments that measure progress towards academic standards and diagnose areas of student misunderstanding
• Use assessment data to refine curriculum and inform instructional practices
• Be accountable for students’ academic growth and increase each individual student’s achievement
• Create a positive, achievement-oriented learning environment
• Reflect on successes and areas of growth as a teacher, seek to improve performance, and respond to feedback
• Participate in collaborative curriculum development, grade-level activities, and school-wide functions
• Invest parents and families in their children’s academic success through regular communication

Desired Qualities

Commitment to Equity: Passionate about closing the achievement gap and ensuring that every child, regardless of background or circumstance, receives an excellent education.
Leadership: Coaches, mentors, and challenges others to excel despite obstacles and challenging situations.
Focus on Data-Driven Results: Relentlessly pursues the improvement of school leadership, instruction, and operations, and is driven by a desire to produce quantifiable student achievement gains.
Innovative Problem-Solving: Approaches work with a sense of possibility and sees challenges as opportunities for creative problem solving; takes initiative to explore issues and find potential innovative solutions.
Adaptability: Excels in constantly changing environments and adapts flexibly in shifting projects or priorities to meet the needs of a dynamic transformation effort; comfortable with ambiguity and non-routine situations.
Teamwork: Increases the effectiveness of surrounding teams through collaboration, constant learning and supporting others; sensitive to diversity in all its forms; respects and is committed to learning from others
Dependability: Does whatever it takes to consistently deliver with high quality under tight deadlines; successfully manages own projects through strong organization, detailed workplans, and balancing of multiple priorities.
Communication and Customer Service Skills: Communicates clearly and compellingly with diverse stakeholders in both oral and written forms; anticipates and responds to customer needs in a high-quality and courteous manner.


• Bachelor’s degree.
• Possesses or is eligible for a valid District of Columbia Teaching License.
• Meets Highly Qualified status as defined by the NCLB mandates.
• Successful completion of Praxis I and II exams (unless holding a standard teaching license).
• Strong instructional skills and classroom management.
• Enthusiasm for and demonstrated mastery of subject matter.
• Unrelenting commitment to students, self, and school’s constant learning and development.
• Ability to self-reflect on teaching practices and be responsive to feedback.

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