October 06, 2009

School Security Update 

Schools Continue to Have Full Security Coverage

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Schools continue to have full security coverage as new security vendors are transitioned into the schools. 262 officers were deployed today.  Many are guards who previously worked for Hawk One at the schools. The Metropolitan Police Department, in collaboration with the DCPS Office of School Security, has deployed MPD officers and DCPS Special Police Officers to provide security services to schools who have not yet received their full deployment of guards.

The new security firms, Securitas and US Security Associates, will continue to deploy their guards into the schools as they are processed. Under the new contract, the vendors are required to consider for employment any of the existing Hawk One guards.  All guards will be back in schools as soon as possible.  MPD and DCPS will continue to provide security throughout the transition.

All planned activities, including after school programming and athletic events will have security coverage. If you have any questions or school specific concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Critical Response Team at (202) 478-5738.

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