DCPS Effective Schools Framework 

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Effective Schools Framework

Each school is unique because the children served are unique. However, we believe that there are several key attributes that all effective schools share. For that reason, we created the Effective Schools Framework in Fall 2008.

If you have a child in a DC public school, this document is important because it describes, in clear language, what you should expect to see in your child’s school. We invite you to read the Framework and use the information to help you be an even better advocate for your child’s education.

Download full version of the DCPS Effective Schools Framework

About the Effective Schools Framework

The District of Columbia Public Schools is committed to providing all students with a high-quality education. The goal of the Effective Schools Framework is to ensure that every child in every classroom has access to engaging instruction.

The elements of the DCPS Effective Schools Framework reflect the key focus areas for district reform. The framework has been developed to ensure alignment with the DCPS Five-Year Strategic Plan and related Performance Plans. 

In the spirit of our commitment to data-driven improvement and the “Plan, Do, Assess” model, this framework will be continuously evaluated to examine its effectiveness.

Element 1: Teaching and Learning

Teachers work together to plan instruction that holds students to high standards and expectations for achievement, and gives them the skills to meet those expectations.

Element 2: Leadership

The school leader fully understands his or her role as the leader of instruction for the school. The principal creates a vision aligned to district goals that is individualized to meet the needs of the school community.

Element 3: Job-Embedded Professional Development

High-quality professional development happens at school. It fits with district and local school goals, is driven by data and meets teachers where they are—individualized to their subject areas and the challenges they face.

Element 4: Resources

Instruction and student achievement drive the way the school allocates its resources.Funding, staff, materials and time are distributed according to the teaching and learning needs at the school.

Element 5: Safe and Effective Learning Environment

Policies, procedures and practices support a safe environment that communicates high expectations, mutual respect and a focus on teaching and learning.

Element 6: Family and Community Engagement

School staff communicate well with families and community members, supporting them to know their important roles in creating effective learners and schools. The school invests families and community members in that work.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The use of data is an essential component of the DCPS Effective Schools Framework. For each of the six elements, decision-making will be supported with accurate information about how our students and the school district are performing.

Download full version of the DCPS Effective Schools Framework

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