Who We Are: A Broad Community Committed to a Greater Purpose

Tubman Elementary School

Who We Are

  • We are 46,500 students committed to graduating from high school, prepared for college and work.
  • We are 3,500 teachers determined to live up to our unparalleled role in ensuring the achievement of our students.
  • We are 111 principals who demonstrate the vision to build positive school communities focused on academic achievement.
  • We are 3,500 classroom aides, social workers, counselors, custodians, and other support staff who understand that our students must be safe, healthy, and supported in order to achieve at the highest possible levels.
  • We are countless parents and family members supporting our children and demanding a high-quality education for them.
  • We are more than 1,000 community organizations and thousands of volunteers who provide  support for our students and staff in their daily work to achieve excellence.
  • We are the residents of Washington DC, who know that a strong school system and high achieving students are the backbone and the future of this city.

A Capital Commitment: Better Schools for All Students by 2017

The years 2012 to 2017 will be a time of dramatic progress for the District of Columbia Public Schools. With this strategic plan, we recommit DCPS to providing every student with a safe, academically challenging, and inspiring learning experience.

DCPS’ five-year strategic plan, A Capital Commitment, provides a roadmap for building DCPS into a high quality, vibrant school district that earns the confidence of our community. The plan defines an overarching purpose as well as five goals that will guide DCPS’ work through 2017.

Our stakeholder commitments reflect our promises to the community and underscore our dedication to improving the quality of education in the District.

Download the strategic plan and additional information.

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