Embassy Adoption Program  

Making global local for DC Public School students since 1974

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The Embassy Adoption Program (EAP) is an academic program (offered in partnership with the Washington Performing Arts) for 5th and 6th grade DCPS students.  This remarkable program is the one that could only happen in a city like DC, and does only happen at DC Public Schools. 

Here’s how it works:

  • 5th and 6th grade DCPS teachers apply to participate in the program. 
  • Each class is paired with an embassy. 
  • Together with an embassy representative, the teacher and class embark on a yearlong adventure, exploring their adopted country’s history, culture, government, arts, food, geography, and much more. 

The EAP classroom delves into globally-themed lesson units, meet heads of state and princes, sample new and exotic foods, learn and perform traditional dances and plays, and truly experience the global offerings of our city.  Each classroom participates in two capstone projects in the spring: the Mini United Nations, which brings together all EAP classes from DC to discuss global issues; and a Final Presentation, when students create and deliver a presentation about their adopted country, at the embassy and for the ambassador.    

To date, more than 45,000 youth have partnered with over 100 embassies representing countries ranging from Australia to Zimbabwe.  The program has received various accolades, including the DCPS Outstanding Social Studies Program and the US Department of Education Award for Outstanding International Education Program. 

For more detailed information on the EAP, please contact Kayla Gatalica, Embassy Adoption Program Specialist, at kayla.gatalica@dc.gov

DCPS educators are invited to apply for the upcoming school year program.




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