How Students are Supported

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We set high standards for our students. We expect them to master core materials at each grade level. However, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to education. To make success possible for every student, we provide the support they need.

Take a look at the number of items in this category, and you’ll get a sense of the depth and variety of programs DCPS offers to help students.

This continuum of resources—from special education, to innovative school models, to alternative educational settings—is designed to make sure that every single student in DCPS gets the individualized support she or he needs.

Alternative High Schools

Providing alternative school options is one of our most important priorities. Our alternative high schools are designed to help even our most challenged students complete their education. Learn More »

Determining if Your Child Needs Special Education

Select from among the following resources to help you determine if your child needs special education. Learn More »

English Language Learners (ELL)

Learn more about how DCPS supports our 4,200 ELL students. Learn More »

Full Service Schools (FSS)

The Full-Service Schools (FSS) pilot program brings together leading practices from the fields of education and mental health, with the goal of fully serving the entire student population. Learn More »

High School Credit Recovery

After School Credit Recovery courses are available to all students in grades 9-12. By making up courses after school, students who have fallen behind can get back on track for graduation. Learn More »

Home and Hospital Instruction Program

Provides instruction to students whose education is interrupted because of physical disability and/or health impairment that confines them to home or the hospital. Learn More »

Homeless Children and Youth Program

DCPS is committed to serving all students residing in the District of Columbia, including homeless children and youth. Learn More »

Re-engaging Youth

The Office of Youth Engagement provides support for disengaged students to register and attend school regularly. Learn More »

Schoolwide Applications Model (SAM)

The Schoolwide Applications Model (SAM) is a whole-school, all-staff, all-students school model designed to provide the best possible educational environment. Learn More »

Student Support Teams

School-based student support teams coordinate services and initiatives related to academics, attendance, positive school culture, and health and wellness to ensure that all students receive appropriate support. Learn More »

Title I Information

This is a program to deliver school choice options to parents of all children attending Title I schools that are “in improvement”. Learn More »

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