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Learn about GED exam and ways you can prepare for it

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What is it?

The General Educational Development Credential (GED) is a national assessment for high school knowledge and skills. The GED serves as an alternative to a high school diploma, and measures proficiency in high school standards.

What are my options?

To receive your GED, you must take the GED Exam.

“The GED Exam covers five core subject areas required in a traditional high school curriculum. With the exception of Language Arts – Writing Skills, which requires one to write an essay, and the Mathematics Test, which has open-ended questions. All of the questions on the GED Test are multiple choice with five possible answers given. The questions range in difficulty from easy to hard, and cover a wide variety of subjects.” - DC GED Testing Center

Language Arts, Writing Pt 1 50 Questions 75 Minutes
Language Arts, Writing Pt 2 Essay 45 Minutes
Social Studies 50 Questions 70 Minutes
Science 50 Questions 80 Minutes
Language Arts, Reading 40 Questions 65 Minutes
Mathematics, Pt 1 25 questions (calculator optional) 45 Minutes
Mathematics, Pt 2 25 questions (no calculator) 45 Minutes

For more information, visit DC GED Testing Center.

As a GED candidate, you will work on the five academic areas of the GED while being dually enrolled in a GED program and a DCPS school. Assistance will be provided to help overcome barriers and make transitions to further education or employment.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the GED is $70. If you are enrolled in a DCPS school, DCPS will cover the GED cost.

Why this might be a good fit

Getting a GED may be a good fit for the student who wants to demonstrate his or her mastery of high school standards and continue academic and professional education beyond high school, but who is not on track to graduate with a high school diploma.

How does this help me achieve my future goals?

Getting your GED can help you advance in your career or pursue additional education. The GED Credential (what you get when you pass your GED Exam) is accepted by 95% of employers, colleges, and universities in the United States!

Next Steps

1. Talk to your Placement Specialist: Before deciding on the GED as your next step towards fulfilling your goals, make sure you sit down and talk with your family and Placement Specialist. Let them know that this is something you would like to discuss.

2. For additional information on the GED: Take a look at the DC GED Testing Center website or the Official GED website for more information, study tips, deadlines, and requirements.

3. Take the Official GED Practice Test

Cost: Free
When: 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month
Where: GED Testing Center
           410 8th Street NW 
           (202) 274-7173
Pre-Registration: GED Testing Center
                          410 8th Street NW
                          (202) 274-7173
                          9am-1pm, Monday-Friday

4. Study - Start Preparing for Your Future!

Register for a GED preparation class

  • Although you can take the GED without attending a preparation class, taking a class and studying will dramatically increase your chances of succeeding. All students must pass the Official GED Practice test prior to taking the GED.
  • Call the Literacy Hotline: (202) 727-2431 to enroll in a prep class.
  • Look through DCPS’ GED Class Offerings.
  • Check out Read Outloud for Class Options.
  • Take a look at the National Institute for Literacy’s Class Options

Practice Online

Study at Home

5. Information on accommodations

6. Take the GED Exam. Contact: 

    DC Office of the State Superintendant at UDC
    441 4th Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20001
    (202) 274-7173

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