Schoolwide Applications Model (SAM) 

Creating a safe and orderly learning environment

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The Schoolwide Applications Model (SAM) is a whole-school, all-staff, all-students school model designed to provide the best possible educational environment.

At SAM schools, the entire staff is focused on creating a safe and orderly learning environment so that all students can achieve at high levels.

SAM schools strive to become community schools that promote home-school partnerships as well as increase parent satisfaction.

About SAM

SAM is a response to intervention (RtI) model, which means school leaders and teachers use individual student achievement and behavior data to identify the supports students need to progress and meet grade level expectations. Frequent and ongoing assessments help determine the instructional approaches best suited to meet each student’s needs.

SAM schools undergo a very large change in which they move from providing isolated and separated support services to a model where services and supports are fully integrated and available to all students.

SAM Educators and Leaders

SAM provides ongoing professional development and technical assistance to schools’ leadership teams and staff through training in the summer and throughout the school year. An Academic Intervention Coach is also integrated into each SAM school. These coaches are responsible for working with the school’s administration and leadership team to identify strategies to increase academic achievement for all students.

SAM schools receive training and technical assistance from a team of experts from the University of Kansas and a DCPS SAM Team.

Learn More

For more information, please visit the Schoolwide Applications Model website.

School Year 2011 – 2012 SAM Schools:

  • Beers Elementary School
  • Ferebee-Hope Elementary School
  • Garfield Elementary School
  • Hendley Elementary School
  • Kenilworth Elementary School
  • Langley Education Campus
  • M.C. Terrell Elementary School
  • Murch Elementary School
  • Neval Thomas Elementary School
  • Noyes Education Campus
  • Patterson Elementary School
  • Raymond Education Campus
  • Simon Elementary School
  • Stanton Elementary School
  • Turner@Green Elementary School


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