What Students Are Learning

In the classroom, our educators are ready and waiting to give all students the knowledge and skills needed for success in college, careers, and life.

We believe that a combination of excellent teaching, strong standards, and active student and family participation combine into a potent recipe for success.

DCPS Common Core State Standards

DC has joined 40 other states and five territories in adopting a new set of standards called the Common Core State Standards. Learn what this means for your child. Learn More »

Learning Standards for Arts, Health, and Physical Education for Grades Pre-K-12

Arts, Health, and Physical Education standards for all grade levels. Learn More »

Learning Standards for High School Subjects

Reading/English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies for high school grades. Learn More »

Scope and Sequence Documents

Scope and Sequence documents establish consistency of instruction throughout the district - in different grade levels and subject areas - by providing clear guidance on what your children’s teachers should teach and when they should teach it. Learn More »

What your child is learning and expected to know in grades K-12

DCPS believes that parents and communities are key stakeholders in improving student achievement, ensuring school success and making our school district the best urban school district in the country. This applies especially in making the Academic Plan a success. Learn More »

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