Scope and Sequence Documents 

Kindergarten through Grade 12

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Scope and Sequence documents establish consistency of instruction throughout the district - in different grade levels and subject areas - by providing clear guidance on what your children’s teachers should teach and when they should teach it.

For example, first-grade students throughout DCPS will learn about dinosaurs in November. This consistency will allow DCPS to provide targeted resources and support that all teachers can use and provide the opportunity for schools to share successful ideas with other schools across the district.

It also helps prevent interruptions or repetitions in transient students’ educations. Consider the common case of a student at School A on one side of town who then transfers to School B on the other side of town during the school year.

With a common scope and sequence in place, that student can now easily transition to her new school without missing any important information about dinosaurs. And since those lessons are taught across the district around the same time, that transfer student wouldn’t repeat the dinosaur unit just because she changed schools. Learn more » 

English/Language Arts Scope and Sequence Documents 

Math Scope and Sequence Documents 

Social Studies Scope and Sequence Documents


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