Author Walter Dean Myers Visits Incarcerated Youth Program  

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On Thursday December 6th, highly acclaimed Young Adult Fiction author, Walter Dean Myers took time out of his busy schedule to visit the students at the Incarcerated Youth Program and it was a real treat! Mr. Myers has published more than 100 books that include the award winning novel” Monster” and has received countless awards for his Young Adult and Children’s Literature books. 

He discussed his book “Bad Boy: A Memoir”, which is based loosely on his life and shared with students the struggles that he faced as a young person with a stuttering problem and how his insecurities eventually led him to become involved in criminal activities. He also gave them the opportunity to ask questions about his life, how he became a writer and advice for becoming a writer. 

Students also were given the opportunity to recite original poetry and received autographed copies of many of his award-winning books. Mr. Myers inspired, encouraged and uplifted our students and it was so gratifying to see that a man of his stature cares enough about today’s youth that he would spend almost three hours sharing, listening and giving back.  

His parting words to our students were” Tell your story, because everybody’s story matters and you matter”. The “Bad Boy” has grown up into a truly great man!

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