Engage DCPS: Budget Matters  

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Budget planning for the next school year has begun!

You can make a difference and we would love to hear from you!

For the upcoming year, our work will be focused on four priorities:


1) Equity in Academic Rigor
2) Empowering Males of Color 
3) Improving our High Schools

We’re asking YOU for your thoughts and fresh ideas around how we can reach our goals?

We want to hear your thoughts and fresh ideas. There are four ways you can give your input:

What would you like to see at the district level, your local school, or is there anything your school does well that we should apply to other schools?

Register at engagedcps.org to let your voice be heard. This platform is for you to express your thoughts, so please be open! NOTE: You must register in order for your feedback to be recorded. 

We will review and share your feedback with our schools and DCPS leadership and look forward to exploring many of your suggestions.

Together, we can make DCPS the best urban school district in the nation. Give your input today!

Budget Development 1 pager
FY16 Budget Hearing PowerPoint Presentation
Printable flyer
Transcript of Chancellor's FY16 November Public Budget Hearing

Questions? Contact us at ofpe.info@dc.gov or 202.719.6613



Chancellor-LSAT Budget Engagement Meetings were held in January. You can view the notes here: Cardozo Education Campus (1/20), Coolidge High School (1/22) and Ballou Senior High School (1/27). There is an additional summary that reflects the feedback we captured from engagedcps.org and the Everyone, Everywhere Campaign.

All principals, LSAT Chairs, and parent organization leaders from each school in DCPS received invitations to attend one meeting based on the geographic region and feeder high school (for instance, all schools including ES, EC, MS that feed into Coolidge High School attended the meeting on 1/22/15). Schools were seated with each other at round tables to facilitate feeder discussions as well as cross-school conversations. Table facilitators were located at each table to ensure notes of the discussion were captured. Specialty, selective, citywide schools attended meetings that were the closest to their respective school locations (i.e. McKinley Tech HS attended the meeting held at Cardozo EC). 

Discussions centered on the Chancellor’s 3 budget priorities for SY15-16; Improving High Schools, Equity in Academic Rigor, and Empowering Males of Color. There was a 4th discussion area added that allowed participants to share feedback that could not be captured within the 3 budget priority areas – the questions included: 1) What else would you prioritize at your school to improve student achievement?  and 2) What should we stop doing? 

While each table facilitator paid careful attention to record the conversation at each table, every note taker’s style is different, which is reflected in the varying formats of the notes. In addition, participants at each table were able to select which questions they prioritized for discussion, so each table’s notes will reflect this variance.  Lastly, for privacy purposes, names of individuals have been redacted.

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