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Professional Development Video Library of Great Teaching

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Since the rollout of the Teaching and Learning Framework, teachers have consistently told us – “Show us what effective teaching looks like!”

Thanks to a generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the DC Public Education Fund, we have developed an innovative video library for DCPS educators that shows what excellence looks like in each of our teaching standards.

The clips include some of our strongest teachers from across the city. Every clip has been vetted by several  master educators and principals using the Teaching and Learning Framework and has been produced to the highest quality by award-winning filmmakers.

The library is available to DCPS educators on the Educator Portal Plus, an online platform designed to support educators with the critical tools and resources they need to prepare students for success and accelerate student achievement. 

The clips play an integral role in a variety of job-embedded professional development activities. 

In addition to the clips below, we plan to make additional clips available to the public in 2013.

For more information about Reality PD:

Examples from the library

Teach 1: Lead well-organized, objective-driven lessons

Teacher: Alka Aggarwal
Turner @ Green Elementary School
Grades: 4-6

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Teach 2: Explain content clearly

Teacher: Scott Harding
School: Maury Elementary School
Subject: Fine motor skills, patterning skills
social-emotional development, retelling stories
Grade: Pre-school

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Teach 5: Check for student understanding

Teacher: Lakia Kenan 
School: Orr Elementary School
Grades: 1-3 

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Teach 6: Respond to student misunderstandings

Teacher: Victoria Tyson 
School: School Without Walls
Social Studies
Grades: 9-12 

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Teach 7: Develop higher-level understanding through effective questioning

Teacher: Melanie Agnew
School: Calvin Coolidge High School
Grades: 9-12

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Teach 8: Maximize instructional time

Teacher: Keelan Purcell 
School: Shaw Garnet-Patterson Middle School
Grades: 6-8 

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