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Alternative High Schools

Photo of a Student at Washington Metropolitan High School

Providing alternative school options is one of our most important priorities. Our alternative high schools are designed to help even our most challenged students complete their education.

Ballou STAY Senior High School

Ballou STAY Senior High School was established in 1989 as an alternative high school for students ages 16+, who require an alternative setting from that of a traditional high school. The Ballou STAY HS offers a full menu of service of educational  programming. From traditional high school courses to certificated diplomas, there are a wide variety of options for students. Ballou STAY also partners with local community colleges to provide post diploma/certificate support and job preparedness.

Incarcerated Youth Program

The Incarcerated Youth Program (IYP) provides academic services to students ages 16-22 years old who are incarcerated at the DC Jail. Students are able to continue to work towards their high school diploma and GED. Additionally, IYP provides services to students receiving special education and a certification program in graphic design.

Luke C. Moore Academy 

The mission of the Luke C. Moore Academy is to provide a competent and compassionate secondary educational setting for young people ages 16-20 who have dropped out of high school or had difficulties in traditional school settings. Luke C. Moore Academy provides each student with an individualized program that addresses both the academic and social emotional needs of the student. Luke C. Moore challenges students to become educated, productive and responsible contributors to society.

Roosevelt STAY Senior High School

The mission of Roosevelt STAY Senior High School is to deliver a high-quality academic and career/technical program within a student-centered, alternative environment that will lead to a high school diploma. The primary student population includes in-school day students enrolled in other high schools across the city who need to take additional classes in order to graduate on time, as well as older students returning to school. Roosevelt STAY also offers ELL Programs, GED Prep and Career Pathway Programs in culinary arts, computer repair and hospitality. Roosevelt STAY students are ages 16+.

Washington Metropolitan High School

The Washington Metropolitan High School was established in 2008.  Washington Metropolitan goal is to provide students with a quality education, tailored to the students specific needs. This educational programming prepares the student to become productive and successful members of society. The students receive extensive interventions in both the curricular and social emotional areas, which can be transferred into every day success. The Washington Metropolitan High School uses a mix of in class activities, on line learning, and project based learning  for students 15 to 19.

Youth Services Center

The Youth Services Center provides educational services for students in grades 7-12 detained by the juvenile justice system and classified as wards of the state. Through creative scheduling they redirect learning for students and engage them in instructional activities and services needed for a smooth transition back to the community without lost instructional time. To meet the academic needs of at risk students, we create an environment that is conducive to learning, fosters academic excellence, builds character and caters instruction to each student’s learning style.

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