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Summer Learning

Dates:  Monday, June 24 – Friday, July 26, 2019 (except July 4)

Times:  8 am to 1 pm

Student Grade Levels: Current Kindergarten through 8th grade

Select your child’s current grade band to read more about the specific program offerings!


Locations: Students will be assigned to one of the following schools based on the current DCPS school they attend. Find your child’s summer school site assignment.

  1. Bancroft ES (K-5)
    Ward 1, 1755 Newton Street, NW
  2. Beers ES (K-5)
    Ward 7, 3600 Alabama Avenue, SE
  3. Ketcham ES (K-5)
    Ward 8, 1919 15th Street, SE
  4. Leckie EC (K-5)
    Ward 8, 4201 Martin Luther King Jr Ave, SW
  5. Garrison ES (K-5)
    Ward 2, 1200 S Street, NW
  6. Marie Reed ES (K-5)
    Ward 1, 2201 18th Street, NW
  7. Plummer ES (K-5)
    Ward 7, 4601 Texas Avenue, SE
  8. Wheatley EC (K-5)
    Ward 5, 1299 Neal Street, NE
  9. MacFarland MS (6-8)
    Ward 4, 4400 Iowa Avenue, NW
  10. Brookland MS (6-8)
    Ward 5, 1150 Michigan Avenue, NE

At this time, all of our summer sites are FULL, but you can still register to add your child’s name to the waitlist at dcps.dc.gov/summerlearning.

If you would like to register your child for a different summer site than the one assigned, register your child for the assigned summer site and email [email protected].

  • If space is available, your child’s registration will be transferred to your preferred site.
  • If no space is available, you will have the option to keep the original site or place your child on a wait list for the alternate site.

Breakfast and Lunch Provided (Free)? Yes

Enrollment Fee: None

How to Register:

Registration begins Monday, March 11, 2019! Go to dcps.dc.gov/summerlearning to register for Summer Learning.

Optional Summer Afternoon Program:
A summer afternoon program provided by a community partner organization will engage students in enriching summer activities from 1 to 5:30 pm each day Summer Learning is in session.

  • DCPS students registered for Summer Learning from 8 am to 1 pm are eligible to participate.
  • When registering for Summer Learning, you will have the opportunity to sign your child up for the optional summer afternoon program.


K-8 Summer Learning Team
Office of Teaching and Learning
[email protected]

Program Offerings

Grades K-5:  Discovery

Dive deep into an exciting topic of your choice!

Law and Order: Investigating Crime and Fighting for Justice
Fascinated by mysteries? Excited by courtroom battles? In this course, you will read mystery stories and learn about forensic science like fingerprinting, evidence collection, and how DNA can be used to solve decades-old crimes. You will also study the law, learn about the roles in a courtroom, and decide how best to argue your case. The course will end with a Mock Trial, allowing students to put their new skills to the test!

Heroes and Villains
In mythology, literature, comics, and films, heroes and villains entertain, enlighten, and educate us. In this course, you will explore heroism and villainy. You will read stories from literature, mythology, comic books, and graphic novels. You might debate the greatest literary hero, conduct mock trials with your favorite villains, publish a graphic novel, or write a short story.

All the World’s a Stage
Do you love to act or direct? Have you always wanted to write your own play? Do you love to design sets and backdrops to make a story come to life? Come one, come all to the stage! In this course you will dive into the theater and explore all aspects, from the creation of the written play, to the production of a live show—even the business and marketing aspects of the theater.

Journey to Space
Planet Earth is just one speck among billions of worlds scattered across the universe. Join this course to see how the mysteries of outer space have been explained throughout the centuries, from ancient folklore to modern science-fiction. Learn the science of astronomy and find out about stars, constellations, gravity, and surviving in space. If you’ve dreamed of following in Astronaut John Glenn’s footsteps, this course is for you!

Simple (Not Really) Machines
Is it a see-saw or a catapult? Machines start out simple and grow into new uses and bigger spaces. What makes them go and grow? Curiosity and creative thinking! Students in this course will have the fun of working with a wide range of basic mechanical forces and common materials to make and then elaborate upon what we call ‘simple machines.’

In the Humanities course, students will have the opportunity to focus on building English Language Arts skills through an interdisciplinary exploration and study of literature, history and culture.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
In the STEM course, students will find solutions to real-world problems through a project-based approach that integrates mathematics, science, engineering and technology.


Grades 6-8:  Pathfinders

Choose an exciting interdisciplinary course!

Engineering is all around us and in this summer program students will participate in Engineering activities that will help them better understand how electrical devices work. These devices include cell phones, TV’s, computers, satellites, and more. Students will also learn about electronics involving circuits, voltage, and resistance. Students will have an opportunity use components to build the hardware associated with electrical devices. These activities will help students to not only be consumers of electronics but, more importantly, to build, change, and fix the devices they use every day. Students will learn about Robotics and engage in designing, building, programming, and experiencing their robotic creations come to life.

Computer Science
Computer Science uses creativity to impact people and our society. Whether or not you grow up to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, computer programming is a very useful skill for all students to learn. Students will learn problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills. Coding (also called programming or developing) will help students develop apps, program a phone or design a website. Students will learn programming languages and participate in online communities where students can share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world.

Digital Media
In this summer session students will participate in a Digital Media class using Adobe Photoshop to study graphic design, video production, and effective communications. Students will film, edit and sequence video clips using Photoshop software to enhance and add special effects and audio. Students will properly plan a storyboard and design considerations when shooting. They will learn skillful use of video editing and professional post-production practices. Production tools will include still and video equipment as well as editing software.


K-8 Summer School Frequently Asked Questions

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