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School Program Provider Application

Who should complete this application?

All DCPS School Program Providers are required to be vetted and approved before operating in DCPS schools. School Program Providers are required to complete the application to begin the vetting process.

A School Program Provider is an organization that:

  • offers a program directly to DCPS schools and/or students,
  • requires collaboration directly with DCPS schools,
  • does not provide health service or screenings*,
  • and works with students or schools 3 or more times per year.

*Any organization that provides health services or screenings (including physical health, mental health, or programming for expectant and parenting students) must complete a separate application process through the Student Wellness Division. Depending on the services offered, visit the Health and Wellness page or Student Mental Health Support page to learn more. Please do not complete the School Program Provider Application.

What is the purpose of this application?

The application and vetting process establishes district-wide expectations that all DCPS School Program Providers must meet to be eligible to partner with a DCPS school. This new application is designed to:

1. Capture information on School Program Providers against a standard of expectations, focused on:

  • alignment to DCPS goals and priorities,
  • demonstration of organizational capacity and reliability,
  • and purposeful program design.

2. Capture program information so that schools may more effectively assess partnership “fit” with their specific school.

Note- If approved, information submitted in this application will be used to create a partner profile in the DCPS School Partnerships Database, which is our schools’ primary source for searching all School Program Providers approved to operate in DCPS schools.

Submit Your Online Application Here

School Program Providers applying to be re-vetted will be able to access their application later this fall.

What are the additional requirements for Out of School Time Providers?

Providers that operate before or afterschool and/or during the summer are required to submit documentation, in addition to securing a vetted and approved status.

Start planning for additional requirements, as these required documents may take time/resources to secure. This applies to all Providers that operate before school, afterschool, and/or during the summer with DCPS. Learn more here.

Application Tips

  1. Prepare the answers to short answer questions ahead of time. Once you begin entering your application into the online template, you cannot save your work. If you do not want to complete your application in one sitting, we recommend that you draft your answers in advance and then paste them into the application once you are ready to submit them. Preview the questions for the vetting and re-vetting applications by downloading the Application Questions listed below under “Application Resources.”
  2. Applicants are required to upload a completed Budget Form. We strongly recommend completing this Budget Form before beginning the official application submission since you cannot save your work; all applications must be completed and submitted in one sitting, which includes uploading this Budget Form. Download an editable version here.
  3. The application should take about 1 hour to complete assuming you do the necessary preparation mentioned above.
  4. Double check your spelling and grammar. Proper grammar and correct spelling are required for the approval of your application. Additionally, if approved, what you write in your application will be seen by schools who review your profile in the School Partnerships Database. Proper spelling and grammar will signal a baseline level of professionalism to schools looking for partners to advance their school goals.

Application Resources


Please contact the School Partnerships Division at [email protected].