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Partner Resources

Become a DCPS Partner

Option 1: Become a School Program Provider

Option 2: Join a DCPS Program

Option 3: Share an Opportunity


Quick Links

Please see the sections below for information and quick links to support DCPS partners.


Accessing Student Data

External organizations seeking DCPS data can learn more about the DCPS data sharing process here.


Partner Agreements (Memoranda of Agreement etc.)

School Program Providers who are operating in partnership with DCPS must have an Agreement with DCPS in the form of either a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), contract or purchase order. All procurement activity, including contracts and purchase orders, are managed by the Office of the Chief Business Officer (OCBO).

The vast majority of School Program Providers do not have a contract or purchase order with DCPS and thus are required to sign an MOA with DCPS. Because organizations can only enter into MOAs with DCPS, not individual schools, the Chancellor and/or the approved Chancellor designee(s) are the sole parties authorized to sign these documents.

More information about Agreements for School Program Providers can be found here (Step 3).


School Partner Expectations Worksheet

This informal, non-legally binding worksheet serves as a tool to support schools and partners outline the school-based details of their partnership, including frequency and methods of communication, student recruitment strategies, storage space and more.


Requirements for Summer Program Providers

School Program Providers interested in hosting their programs in DCPS schools must be vetted and approved by DCPS and receive permission from the school principal. The deadline for submitting all paperwork in April 19, 2019. Review this web site for details.


DCPS Facility Use Procedures, Policies and Fees

School Program Providers that provide Out of School Time (OST) programs (before school, after school and over the summer) at DCPS sites are required to provide the appropriate facility use documents to the Department of General Services at least 20 business days in advance of beginning on site programming.

Please note – fees for rent, custodial and security services might be applied. More information on these possible fees is available here.


  • In order to ensure the safety of students in DCPS buildings, key supports such as security, custodial staff and/or supplies must be in place. Therefore, when non-DCPS entities request to use DCPS facilities they should expect to incur fees for these required supports. The DGS Realty Office will assess and share any applicable fees.
  • In some cases, external organizations who offer free programming in schools where DCPS runs out of school time programs (OSTP) will have these fees covered by the DCPS OSTP budget. In all other cases, external organizations may be responsible for submitting these fees to the appropriate parties. Organizations using DCPS facilities over the summer will, in most cases, be assigned fees, as buildings are not otherwise open to students during the summer months.
  • Additional information on fees is available here.


School Resources

DCPS school-based staff can get information here on resources to support partnership strategy in their schools, tools to track and find new school partners, and links to additional best practices and policies.


View DCPS School Program Providers

View active and approved School Program Providers that have opted to have their information be searchable to users. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all DCPS partners, but rather a representation of approved School Program Providers that have opted to be searchable to the public.