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Become a School Program Provider

A School Program Provider is defined as an organization that:

  • offers a program directly to DCPS schools and/or students,
  • requires collaboration directly with DCPS schools,
  • works with students or schools 3 or more times per year, and
  • does not provide health service or screenings*

*Any organization that provides health services or screenings (including physical health, mental health, or programming for expectant and parenting students) must complete a separate application process through the Student Wellness Division. Start by visiting the Health and Wellness page or Student Mental Health Support page to learn more. Please do not complete the School Program Provider Application.


Step 1: Register: DCPS School Program Provider Application

All DCPS School Program Providers are required to register with DCPS before operating in DCPS schools. The registration process allows DCPS to learn about your program and ensure that your organization is aware of policies and procedures School Program Providers must follow before working in our schools and any costs associated with using DCPS facilities.

To register, complete the online form. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Once registration is complete, School Program Providers will receive:

  • A confirmation letter from the DCPS Partnerships and Design team, allowing the provider to partner with DCPS schools
  • A profile in our School Partnerships Database, where schools can search for partners who can advance their goals

If your application is not approved, DCPS will share feedback, and your organization will be invited to re-apply once growth areas are addressed.


Step 2: Form a Partnership with One of More DCPS Schools

As a registered School Program Provider, your organization may engage with schools to pursue partnerships. Once a school and a School Program Provider have determined that they will work together, the School Program Provider must enter into an Agreement with DCPS as explained in Step 3.


Step 3: Enter into an Agreement with DCPS

School Program Providers who are operating in partnership with DCPS must have an Agreement with DCPS. It can be in any of these forms:

  • Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
  • contract, or
  • purchase order

All procurement activity, including contracts and purchase orders, are managed by the Office of the Chief Business Officer (OCBO).

The vast majority of School Program Providers do not have a contract or purchase order with DCPS and thus are required to sign an MOA with DCPS. Because organizations can only enter into MOAs with DCPS, not individual schools, the Chancellor and/or the approved Chancellor designee(s) are the sole parties authorized to sign these documents.

To formalize an MOA with DCPS, School Program Providers must:

  1. Be registered with DCPS (see Step 1 above);
  2. Identify a point of contact in the DCPS central office to shepherd the MOA through the various points of approval, including the DCPS Office of General Counsel.
    • If you need support identifying the proper central office point of contact, please contact [email protected].
  3. DCPS has a preferred template which we ask School Program Providers to use. It is highly recommended that Providers use this template to ensure alignment with DC government expectations and to expedite the approval process.


  • Securing a fully executed MOA with DCPS takes approximately 3 weeks and in some cases may take longer if the partner makes special requests or edits to the DCPS School Program Provider MOA template.
  • Should the nature of the partnership change during the term of the MOA, it is the partner’s responsibility to contact your DCPS central office point of contact to amend the MOA accordingly. Amendments to MOAs will also have to be signed by the Chancellor.


Step 4: Ensure all staff and volunteers are cleared by DCPS

All School Program Providers working with DCPS students or in DCPS schools must be cleared by DCPS before working. No other clearances are accepted. Guidance on the clearance process for DCPS partners can be found here[PDF]. Cleared individuals will receive a clearance letter from DCPS 3-10 business days after participating in the process.

School Program Providers must submit information about their staff and volunteers using this form.


Step 5: Out of School Time Providers Only—Submit Additional Required Paperwork:

Any organization that provides programming to schools before school, afterschool, or during the summer must submit additional documentation if their program is on location at a DCPS site.

Partners operating during Out of School Time and on a DCPS Site are required to provide the appropriate building use documents to the Department of General Services at least 20 business days in advance of beginning on site programming.

Please note – fees for rent, custodial and security services might be applied. Visit the Partner Resources page for more information regarding these potential fees.


Step 6: For organizations offering free programming to DCPS only

Any programming provided to DCPS free of charge may be considered an in-kind donation. To adhere with rules and regulations governing donations, organizations offering free programming to DCPS must register their donation information here.


Step 7: Optional—Set Norms and Expectations between the School Program Provider and the School(s)

While this step is not required of schools or partners, if a School Program Provider would like to outline school-specific details of its partnership with an individual school, they may do so by using this informal, non-legally binding School Partner Expectations Worksheet to facilitate a norms setting conversation with the school.