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DCPS Process and Requirements to Conduct Research or Obtain Confidential Data

Thursday, January 25, 2018

This document governs requests for data (and research based on data) that:

  • Exist, or must be constructed based on existing data, or do not exist and must be collected.
  • Are disaggregate (including student- and other individual-level data), as well as aggregate data where identification is possible explicitly or implicitly (e.g., school-level data on subgroups where some subgroups have a size of one).

Below are the types of research proposals that we accept for review.

  • Proposals for research activities originating within DCPS offices, departments, divisions, and other units, transmitted through their central office administrative channels.
  • Responses to DCPS requests for proposals for external audits and research.
  • Unsolicited research proposals from individuals (non-students) or organizations independent of DCPS that support DCPS’s strategic priorities
  • We do NOT accept research proposals from graduate students.