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Adopt-a-School Program

Program Description

The Adopt-a-School Program provides a structured pathway for partnership between DCPS schools and our community of supporters. This program is intended for corporate and community organizations interested in building relationships with schools that support student success for a minimum of one academic year. During this collaboration, partners and schools will work together to determine how to best connect partner resources and interests with the school’s unique needs. This relationship is a joint effort led by the school and partner, and supported by the DCPS School Partnerships Division (SPD). The SPD will provide guidance, tools, and on-going partnership support throughout the year to ensure the collaboration is a success for all. 

How It Works

Participating schools and partners are matched on an annual basis and receive supports throughout the school year to keep the relationship on track. Interested schools and partners are required to complete an application process which is then used to match partnerships based on shared interests and goals. Once matched, schools and partners are expected to work together to complete the program requirements outlined below.

School Year 2016-2017 Timeline

  • School application deadline: July 22, 2016
  • Partner application deadline: August 12, 2016
  • Partnerships officially launch: September 2016

Program Requirements

  • Coordinate at least 1 donation effort for the school community
  • Support at least 3 school-based events during the year
  • Attend 1-3 program meetings throughout the year
  • Develop and submit a year-long Partnership Plan, which outlines intended activities for the year
  • Designate at least 1 person to serve as the Adopt-a-School Liaison. This person is responsible for ensuring the above requirements are met and maintaining regular communication with the School Partnerships Division. 

Program Benefits

The entire school community, in particular the students, gain from the additional resources and experience offered by corporate and community partners. Partners can have a direct impact on the school community and have an opportunity to form quality relationships with one school. Engagement activities between the school and partner are tailored toward the school and partner's needs, and go beyond a one-time, transactional experience.

Adopt-a-School Partner Activities

There are endless ways for partners to support students and schools. We strongly encourage partners start with their strengths and organizational philanthropic priorities, and then work collaboratively with the school to develop a shared vision grounded in serving students and the school community.
Below is a list of possible activities:

  • Serve as judge for fairs and competitions
  • Support school events including career fairs, field days or teacher appreciation week
  • Donate school supplies and equipment
  • Volunteer for school beautification projects

To see other examples of ways our partners and schools collaborated throughout the school year, check out our Adopt-a-School Suggested Partnership Activities.

Get Started

Interested schools and partners are asked to complete the appropriate application by the designated deadline and the School Partnerships Division with contact you regarding next steps. Applications submitted after the deadline will be reviewed but may not receive a match for the 2016-2017 school year.


For additional support, please contact [email protected]

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