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Chancellor’s Parent Cabinet SY2017-2018

Photo of Parent Cabinet Meeting

The Chancellor’s Parent Cabinet is a group of parent leaders who directly inform the Chancellor around system wide policies affecting schools. Over the 2017-2018 school year, the Parent Cabinet will discuss a variety topics, including but not limited to: investing in our middle schools, improving transparency in the budget process, preparing students for college and career, and developing the whole child in our schools through social-emotional education and access to “real-world” lessons. Parent Cabinet meetings occur monthly on weeknight evenings and are attended by the Chancellor, Cabinet members, and key DCPS staff.

The Parent Cabinet consists of DC parents or guardians who have at least one child in DCPS (or who are prospective DCPS parents) and who are reflective of the diversity of the DCPS community. Candidates were evaluated on their ability to exhibit a strong connection to DCPS, a thoughtful approach to issues of equity and diversity, the ability to communicate well with other parents and school stakeholders, and critical thinking toward the district-wide impact of DCPS decisions.