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LIFT Stages: In Depth View

If you previously taught in DCPS, your starting LIFT stage was determined by your prior IMPACT ratings.  All teachers new to DCPS are placed in either the Teacher or Established Teacher stage, depending on their prior experience.

Teacher Stage

Some teachers at this stage have prior experience in DCPS, while others are new to the teaching profession and have just successfully completed DCPS’s rigorous and competitive selection process. Whether new or returning, all teachers at this stage are committed to leading their students to ambitious achievement and to continuing to refine their instructional practices. 

Established Teacher Stage

These teachers have proven their effective teaching skills and have led their students to solid achievement gains. Established Teachers also demonstrate an ongoing commitment to their own learning and improvement, and may begin to take on leadership roles within their schools or for the district.

Advanced Teacher Stage

Teachers at this stage have been among the district’s most effective for several years, and their students continually demonstrate strong achievement results. Many of these teachers have also taken on leadership roles within their schools or for the district. Learn More »

Distinguished Teacher Stage

Teachers at this stage are some of the district’s top performers and have a record of exemplary student achievement. These teachers have consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of instructional best practices and may serve as models to colleagues who are still developing their skills.

Expert Teacher Stage

Teachers at this stage have truly mastered their craft, honed in DCPS classrooms over the course of many years. Their students demonstrate exceptional learning gains each year, regularly exceeding even the most ambitious achievement goals. Many of these teachers also serve in various leadership roles within their schools and extend their reach by mentoring less-experienced colleagues.