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Partner Resources

Become a DCPS Partner

Option 1: Become a School Program Provider

Option 2: Join a DCPS Program

Option 3: Share an Opportunity


Requirements and Policies for Out of School Time Program Providers

In addition to completing the DCPS School Program Provider application process (details below), before and afterschool program providers who provide programs at DCPS sites, must also provide additional required documentation 20 business days before operation to the Department of General Services in order to operate in any DCPS school.


  1. Become a vetted & approved DCPS School Program Provider
  2. Provide the appropriate building use documents to the Department of General Services at least 20 business days in advance of beginning on site programming. Please note – fees for rent, custodial and security services might be applied.


In order to ensure the safety of students in DCPS buildings, key supports such as security, custodial staff and/or supplies must be in place. Therefore, when non-DCPS entities request to use DCPS facilities they should expect to incur fees for these required supports. The DGS Realty Office will assess and share any applicable fees.

Who will be charged fees?

In some cases, external organizations who offer free programming in afterschool sites run by DCPS Out of School Time Programs (OSTP) will have these fees covered by the DCPS OSTP budget. In all other cases, external organizations will be responsible for submitting these fees to the appropriate parties. Organizations using DCPS facilities over the summer will, in most cases, be assigned fees, as buildings are not otherwise open to students during the summer months.

A Fee Schedule can be accessed here.

For more information regarding fees associated with operating in a DCPS facility, please visit our Use of Facilities and Grounds page.


Requirements for Summer Program Providers

Planning for summer 2018 is complete. Planning information for summer 2019 will be provided as soon as deadlines become available. Please check here for updates.


External Organizations Seeking Student Data

DCPS is happy to work with external partners to assist with data sharing when possible. External organizations seeking student data from DC Public Schools can learn more about the process here.


Recruiting DCPS Students for Volunteer Opportunities

Partners looking to recruit DCPS students for volunteer opportunities can email [email protected].