DC Public Schools
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Principal Announcements for School Year 2017-2018

Norah Lycknell
Brent Elementary School

Kerry Richardson
Brookland Middle School

Dwight Davis
Browne Education Campus

LeVar Jenkins
Burroughs Elementary School

Anna Krughoff
Cleveland Elementary School

Semanthe Bright
Coolidge High School

Diedre Neal
Deal Middle School

Sandi Logan
Duke Ellington School of the Arts

Eugenia Young
Eliot-Hine Middle School

Brigham Kiplinger
Garrison Elementary School

Lucas Cooke
Hardy Middle School

Niyeka Wilson
Leckie Education Campus

Mark Sanders
MacFarland Middle School

Bruce Jackson
Miner Elementary School

Akela Stanfield-Dogbe
Moten Elementary School

Kermit Burks
Noyes Elementary School

Terri Fuller
Plummer Elementary School

Kristie Edwards
Randle-Highlands Elementary School

Dewayne Little
Roosevelt STAY High School

Lisa Rosado
Savoy Elementary School

Caroline John Fisherow
Stanton Elementary School

Kristofer Comeforo
Stuart-Hobson Middle School

Shenora Plenty
Wheatley Education Campus