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Recruitment and Selection Opportunities

Teacher Selection Ambassador


Teacher Selection Ambassadors (TSAs) are current DCPS teachers who assist with the interview process for teaching candidates. Ambassadors participate in professional development that focuses on interview skills, rubric interpretation, and scoring. TSAs conduct interviews using the DCPS teacher selection model and evaluate teaching samples using the Essential Practices. In addition to selection duties, TSAs also play a key role in candidate cultivation, which may include speaking with top candidates, attending career fairs and information sessions, and assisting with school visits.

Teacher selection ambassadors earn $40 per hour for their work and can expect to work between 3–10 hours each week, depending on the time of year.

To be considered for the position, teachers must have earned an IMPACT rating of Effective or higher in the previous school year, and be at the Established or higher LIFT stage. 

Approximately 35-40 teachers are chosen to serve as selection ambassadors each year. Applications are available in the early fall, with decisions made prior to Thanksgiving break. For more information, please contact [email protected].

Spotlight: Natalia Fuller-Walker

After reading about DCPS's incentives for teachers, Natalia decided to leave a neighboring district to teach special education at Powell Elementary. As a Teacher Selection Ambassador, Natalia learned new strategies for student assessment while hearing about the work being done by teachers in districts across the country. She appreciated the opportunity to engage with the Essential Practices and learned first-hand about the diversity of effective instruction. This experience has changed her approach to teaching and observations.

Natalia Fuller-Walker PhotoThe best part of LIFT is that there are leadership roles and opportunities built in at every level from Teacher to Expert.  The roles do not necessarily keep you in the classroom.  If a teacher wants to do something different and take on a leadership role, with LIFT they can.