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School Partnership Fellows Program

The School Partnership Fellows Program is a selective, yearlong opportunity for a range of school-based staff and leaders to share, develop, and implement best practices for partner management. Through the Fellows Program, participants will come together to answer key questions and produce the following outcomes:

Essential Question Program's Key Outcome
Who are our school partners?
  • Maintain an accurate school profile in the DCPS Partnership Database
  • Develop a detailed Partnership Tracker
How are our partners supporting school goals?
  • Create a School Priorities Matrix, a tool that will help align partners to school goals
How do we work together to sustain their impact?
  • Implement at least 1 new tool/strategy to manage school partnerships
  • Share lessons learned with DCPS colleagues

How it Works

The School Partnership Fellows Program serves as a community for both learning and collaboration, as schools work to directly problem solve and innovate around school partnerships.

The program is a yearlong commitment, during which Fellows are expected to:

  • Attend five 2-hour sessions, held from September-May
  • Use 3 key tools to support partnership work (Partnership Tracker, School Priorities Matrix, and Framework for Managing Partnerships)
  • Develop at least 1 new school-wide strategy for partner management
  • Participate in 1:1 coaching sessions to further develop partner management strategy
  • Share learning throughout the Program

Application Process

The application cycle for the 2016-2017 School Year is currently closed. Applications will open again in Spring 2017.

  • Ideal participants are senior level leaders within the school (Strategy/Logistics staff, Deans, APs etc.) who are able to set vision and coordinate strategy across the school.
  • A screening call will be conducted with each applicant within 3-5 business days of submitting their application.
  • All selected applicants are required to submit a Letter of Acknowledgement signed by their Principal stating support for their participation in the program.


Contact Coordinator, School Partnerships, [email protected]

2016 – 2017 Program Fellows

We are thrilled to announce that our inaugural cohort of Fellows brings together 15 school-based staff members from across our district’s schools who are leading the day to day work of partnership building. These leaders are committed to investing their time and energy into strengthening relationships that will ultimately impact students and the greater school community. Get to know the SY16-17 Fellows and their schools below!

Kalik Booker
Ketcham Elementary School
Director of Strategy and Logistics

Kevin Cantfil
Anacostia High School
Director of Strategy and Logistics

Tara Cheston
Van Ness Elementary School
Business Manager

Emmett Douglas Creef Jr.
Stuart Hobson Middle School
8th Grade Team Lead

Danita Dorsey
Kramer Middle School
Coordinator of Strategy and Logistics

Yovetza Flores
Miner Elementary School
Manager of Strategy and Logistics

Dr. Simon King
Walker Jones Education Campus
Director of Strategy and Logistics

Lauren Fryer-Lewis
Kelly Miller Middle School
Manager of Strategy and Logistics

Ophelia Morgan
Eliot Hine Middle School
Manager of Strategy and Logistics

Dr. Peggy L. Peagler
Wilson High School
Assistant Principal

Lavanya Poteau
Johnson Middle School
Director of Strategy and Logistics

Li Reed
Turner Elementary School
Director of Strategy and Logistics

Tamara Robinson
Takoma Education Campus
Director of Strategy and Logistics

Tiffiany Torrence
Miner Elementary
Assistant Principal

Julia Zahn
Ketcham Elementary School
Social Worker