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Understanding the role of the Title IX Coordinator in DCPS

1. What is the role of the Title IX Coordinator within DCPS?

DC Public School’s Title IX coordinator is responsible for ensuring compliance with all Title IX obligations.

2. What does this mean for me and my school?

The Title IX Coordinator is one of the many persons at DCPS who helps to maintain a safe, sexual harassment/sex discrimination-free school environment. This person is responsible for coordinating the investigation and resolution of reported claims of sexual misconduct pursuant to Title IX. This may include conducting interviews of persons related to the matter, providing supports to parties involved in the matter, issuing a finding and ensuring appropriate remedies are identified to prevent the recurrence of sexual harassment/misconduct and address harmful effects. If you have experienced sexual harassment or sexual misconduct in your school we strongly encourage you to reach out. The Title IX Coordinator has a team of persons to support you.

3. Can I contact the Title IX Coordinator for DCPS directly?

Yes, you can email the Title IX Coordinator at [email protected] or call them on (202) 442-5405. You may also speak with the Grievance POC[PDF] in your school, they will work with the Title IX Coordinator to address your concerns.