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Supporting Your Kindergartener at Home

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Office of Family and Public Engagement and the Office of Teaching and Learning collaborated to create Parent Curriculum Guides -- a resource to help you know:

  • what your child is learning in school, and
  • what you can do to support that learning at home.
Here is how you can use the Parent Curriculum Guides:
  • The What My Child is Learning section tells you what is being taught in all the core subjects throughout the year.
  • The Activities to Practice with My Child section gives you great ideas for fun and easy ways to support classroom learning at home and in your neighborhood.
  • Share with another family at your school, church or Scout Troop.

In addition, DCPS and the Council of Great City Schools produced Parent Roadmaps - helpful brochures for parents and families that include a simple explanation of:

  • what DCPS students learn in English Language Arts and in Mathematics,
  • how teachers might approach those subjects in the classroom, and
  • ideas for how families can support learning in these subjects at home.