August 24, 2009

First Day of School Letter to Burroughs Parents From Michelle Rhee 

A message from Chancellor Michelle Rhee

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Dear Burroughs Parents,

Today we welcomed 240 children for the first day of school at Burroughs.  I am delighted that more students reported for the first day at Burroughs this year than did last year.  The wonderful new building will enhance the learning environment for all, and we are excited about that. 

Burroughs is a safe environment for your children.  Air quality testing took place at Burroughs late last night and early this morning.  The results show that all readings are at, or below, the levels that the Environmental Protection Agency designates as normal.  This means that the current air quality at Burroughs is safe for occupancy.

A testing report has been issued and will be posted to the DCPS website later this afternoon.  In order to offer more assurance to the school community, the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization has mandated additional monitoring and follow-up tests;  these will take place during the coming week.

I hope that your child had a good first day at school today, and is looking forward to many more at Burroughs!


Chancellor Michelle Rhee


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