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Dual Credit

NOTE: Policy updates implemented in SY22-23 allow students to request Dual Credit upon course completion within the timeframes specified below. This change is not retroactive and cannot be requested for courses previously completed before the Fall 2022 term.

Students interested in earning both college and high school credits for their Dual Enrollment course can request Dual Credit by using this form. Dual Credit is a component of Dual Enrollment that allows students to earn both high school and college credits. A Dual Enrollment course not taken for Dual Credit does not affect the student’s high school GPA, and students will only earn college credit upon successful course completion.

To request dual credit, students must receive approval from their parent/legal guardian, school counselor, principal, and DCPS Central Office Dual Enrollment Coordinator via completion of the Dual Credit Request Form before the deadline:

  • Deadline to request Dual Credit for a Fall 2023 Dual Enrollment course: January 26, 2024
  • Deadline to request Dual Credit for a Spring 2024 Dual Enrollment course: June 18, 2024
  • Deadline to request Dual Credit for a Summer 2024 Dual Enrollment course: November 4, 2024

A select group of courses have been pre-approved for Dual Credit, listed on pages 3-7 of the Dual Credit Request Form. If a course the student is interested in taking is NOT on the pre-approved list, students must complete page 2 of the Dual Credit Request Form and provide the course syllabus. The completed form and course syllabus must be submitted to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator (Emily Webster, [email protected]) before the deadline in order to complete the request. If the course syllabus is not provided, the Dual Enrollment course cannot be reviewed for Dual Credit approval.

When taking a college course for Dual Credit, students and families understand that grades earned will be reported on the official DCPS high school transcript regardless of the grade earned (A through F, including withdrawals) and that DCPS credit will only be awarded for approved courses which are completed and passed with a grade of C or better. This grade will be calculated with the weight of an AP course as a part of each student’s GPA. 

Student Requirements:

  1. Prior to submission of this form, the student must meet with their school counselor to discuss the dual credit request and determine if dual credit is an appropriate/approved option.
  2. This form must be completed with signed permission from the principal, school counselor, parent/legal guardian, & student and must be submitted via email from the counselor to the DCPS Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Emily Webster ([email protected]) by the deadlines specified above. 

Should a student choose to withdraw their Dual Credit request, they must complete the Dual Credit Request Withdrawal Form (located on pages 8 & 9), with signed approval from the parent/legal guardian, school counselor, and DCPS Central Office Dual Enrollment Coordinator within the specified deadlines (see page 8).

Please contact Emily Webster (DCPS College Preparedness & Persistence Programs, Coordinator) at [email protected] for additional information or questions regarding the DCPS Dual Credit request policy. 

Dual Credit Request Policy for College Courses Taken Outside of DCPS Dual Enrollment Programming

DCPS high school students that enroll in college courses outside of DCPS Dual Enrollment programming are required to follow a different dual credit request procedure than DCPS Dual Enrollment participants. Those students looking to earn high school credit for non-DCPS dual enrollment college courses must do the following: 

Step 1) The student must submit a credit request via email to their school counselor BEFORE the start/first-day of the college course. This email must also include the full course syllabus. 

Step 2) Upon receiving the course syllabus and credit request email, the school counselor will share both documents with their School Academic Scheduling & Support (SASS) point of contact who will connect with the Office of Teaching & Learning (OTL) for course approval review. 

Step 3) After a course approval decision has been made, OTL will report the decision to SASS who will distribute the official approval decision back to the school counselor. The school counselor will inform the student of their credit request decision.