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DCIAA Athletics

About Us

The District of Columbia Public Schools Department of Athletics oversees all athletics for grades 4-12. DCPS students play within the District of Columbia Interscholastic Athletic Association (DCIAA). The office is responsible for verifying eligibility, scheduling events and transportation, and the coordination of officials.

Additionally, the DCIAA is responsible for maximizing the student-athlete experience by providing opportunities that extend beyond their athletic teams. This includes but is not limited to panel discussions, high level sporting clinics, and our DCIAA Student Leadership Council.


The Department of Athletics is committed to having a sound interscholastic athletic association. DCPS will: (1) reinforce the concept that interscholastic athletics is a vital, integral part of the total school educational program; (2) emphasize standards of scholarship, sportsmanship, and amateurism; (3) promote and develop educational leadership, physical fitness, athletic excellence and sports participation; (4) initiate, stimulate, and conduct interscholastic athletic programs for student-athletes and strive to promote equal opportunity to members of both sexes interested in participating in the athletics program.

Our Goals

The DCIAA works vigorously to provide the following for our student-athletes in grades 4-12:

  • A comprehensive athletic program
  • Appropriate game officials and security
  • Athletic health care services
  • Proper and safe athletic equipment and supplies
  • Sport clinics to assist student-athletes and coaches in refining their skills and techniques
  • Safe transportation

Consent to Participate

Prior to participation in athletic programs, students (18 years of age or older) and the parents/guardians of minor student athletes are required to sign this: 


Executive Director of Athletics
Dwayne Foster
(202) 729-3799
[email protected]

Assistant Athletic Director
Shanice Abrams
(202) 729-3928
[email protected]

Budget Specialist
Peggy Branch-McCaskill
(202) 729-4379
[email protected]

Assistant Athletic Director
Michael Bryant
(202) 671-2104
[email protected]

Assistant Athletic Director
Shontee Bryant
(202) 576-5038
[email protected]

Athletics Program Assistant
Gerard Cobb
(202) 729-3288
[email protected]

Data Systems Specialist
Adam Dowell
(202) 909-6782
[email protected]

Middle School Analyst
Marc Harrison
(202) 486-9585
[email protected]

Assistant Athletic Director
Mark Kanellis
(202) 731-6434
[email protected]

Middle School Analyst
Ashley Seymour
(202) 520-9355
[email protected]

Assistant Athletic Director
Kendra Williams
(202) 576-5047
[email protected]

Lead Athletic Trainer
Jamila Watson
(202) 671-3008
[email protected]


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