DC Public Schools

All students and staff will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test for the first day of school.
  Todos los estudiantes y el personal deberán presentar una prueba negativa de COVID-19 el primer día de clase.

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Make a Donation to DCPS

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Make a Donation to DCPS

We welcome your support. Donations from valued community partners support our efforts to provide a high-quality education to students in our nation’s capital.

Donate Here

We are most in need of new items that support our instructional efforts. Some examples of the types of items we would appreciate are:

Four Ways to Donate

  1. Donate via DCPS Central Office –If you are looking for additional guidance or support in facilitating a donation, we ask that you complete this Donation Form and the School Partnerships Division will be in touch with next steps.
  2. Donate directly to a DCPS School –Whenever possible, we encourage donors to contact DCPS schools directly. This will expedite the process and allow donors to align with the school’s specific needs. A full list of our schools may be found at the DCPS School Profiles website. If your donation is valued at $500 or under, fill out this form when you bring your donation to the school.
  3. Donate via DonorsChoose.org –You may also support a DCPS classroom projects through Donors Choose, a pre-approved online platform through which DC Public Schools may receive donations. To do so, visit the Donors Choose website and search for “DC Public Schools.” This will be the best way to ensure the projects listed are for District of Columbia Public Schools. (Tip: once you identify the specific school project you wish to support, you can review the DCPS School Profiles website to ensure the school project you selected is a DCPS school.)
  4. Donate via DC Public Education Fund – If there is not a specific project or school you wish to donate to but still wish to provide DCPS with a financial donation, you can go through the DC Public Education Fund. Find out more about the DC Public Education Fund.

Making a facilities-related donation?

Any donations that necessitates any form of construction/installation or access to utilities/power must follow the DCPS Facilities Donation Process. In order to ensure that the donation meets safety requirements and can be maintained overtime by DC government, DCPS schools and donors are asked to these guidelines. Please contact [email protected], with questions.