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DC Public Schools
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Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Team plans and executes district-level engagement for DCPS priorities and initiatives as well as supports school-level engagement through the Cluster Support Model. The goal is to increase confidence in DCPS and build trust from our stakeholders by committing to consistently listen to and consult with our stakeholders, use their feedback to inform the work of DCPS, and communicate back how their feedback was used.

Read more about how the Cluster Support Model will influence the Community Engagement Team’s work.


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The Cluster Support Model Approach

With the arrival of School Year 2019-20, DC Public Schools is transitioning to support schools through a Cluster Support Model. While schools were previously assigned to a cluster lead by an Instructional Superintendent, they will now also be supported by a dedicated team of Central Office staff. This approach ensures that, whether a school is focused on literacy, family and community engagement, or operations, all efforts are targeted and aligned.


School Supports

Each cluster's central office support team includes, but is not limited to, staff with expertise in attendance, social-emotional learning, academic content areas, special education services, technology, language acquisition, school operations, and community and family engagement.


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Community Partnership

We know that authentic relationships are the foundation of community and family engagement. The Community Action Team's (CAT) goal is to assist DCPS stakeholders in accessing information and resources offered by DCPS. They also communicate emerging community needs, interests, and trends back to DCPS. While CAT's previously served schools based on their Ward, they are now supporting schools based on cluster.


Get in Touch

The DCPS Community Action Team Members are available by email, phone, and social media. Learn more about the CAT member that supports your school community by visiting:

Or by following the CAT twitter handle: @DCPS_Community

To connect with your individual CAT, see the cluster assignments here.

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