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DC Public Schools
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School Leadership

At DCPS, we know that school leaders play a critical role in ensuring student success. Thus, DCPS has created a culture where school leaders:

  • Have a clear understanding of what defines excellence in their work;
  • Are provided with constructive and data-based feedback about their performance, and
  • Receive support to increase their effectiveness.

Leadership Framework

The Leadership Framework represents the school system’s definition of effective leadership. It outlines the key strategies and practices that we believe lead to increased student achievement. The Leadership Framework (LF) is comprised of six LF standards: Instruction, Talent, School Culture, Operations, Family & Community, and Personal Leadership.

IMPACT (Performance Assessment)

Recognizing the importance of ensuring that talented and committed individuals are serving all of our students, DCPS developed IMPACT, our system for assessing the performance of school-based staff, teachers, and school leaders.

Principal Announcements for School Year 2024-2025

Learn more about the principals selected for the upcoming school year.

Professional Development

We believe that school leaders will be most successful if they are supported in their work. Therefore, DCPS is committed to providing support for school leaders as they implement the Leadership Framework in their schools.