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Restorative Practices

Small children cheering in a classroom

What are Restorative Practices?

Restorative Practices are theories of reconciliation with an umbrella of strategies that DCPS is utilizing to build community, manage conflict, and resolve tensions by repairing the harm caused by individual(s) toward another and restoring the relationship(s). The DCPS approach to restorative practices will be used proactively to build relationships and positive school cultures. In addition, Restorative practices will be used responsively to engage in conflict resolution.

The DCPS Way
Transitioning to a Restorative Mindset

DCPS is committed to providing a framework that will reflect a set of clear practices and values for all stakeholders. Restorative Practices is used in lieu Restorative Justice, to illuminate and practice the messaging of positive interactions and conflict resolution. Restorative practices enable all participants the opportunity to reflect and respond to issues, identify how the problem happened and how it affected everyone involved. Using a solution- oriented approach increases the likelihood that the conflict will result in a positive solution.

Restorative practices provide school communities the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships, reduce disruptive behavior, de-escalate challenging situations, decrease suspensions, and improve social relationships. The long-term effects of restorative practices can improve academic performance, increase student attendance, and create a positive school environment.


Restorative Practices Guidance[PDF]

Restorative Practices with your family (English)

Restorative Practices with your family (Spanish)

For any questions or concerns please contact:

Dr. Justin McClain, Manager, Student Behavior at [email protected]

Mrs. Danielle Butler Neale
Restorative Practices Specialist
Clusters 1-5
[email protected]

Ms. Anise Walker
Restorative Practices Specialist
Clusters 6-10
[email protected]