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DC Public Schools
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Visit Our Schools

Visiting is one of the best ways to learn about a DCPS school. If your child is currently enrolled, it’s a great way to get to know teachers and staff and gain insight into what your children experience each day. If you are a prospective DCPS parent, attending an Open House allows you observe the culture and atmosphere of the school, and determine if it’s right for your child.

DCPS recognizes the importance of fostering parents’ ability to become true partners in their child’s education; to understand their child’s experiences at school; and to develop skills that will enable them to promote learning at home by connecting classroom experiences to their child’s home experiences. Visiting your child’s school can enable students to share their school experience with their parents and provide parents with a window into their child’s school experiences. Visiting the school can also help parents to understand the skills that are being developed at school and to build a strong partnership with school staff.  

DCPS parents who wish to visit their child’s school should follow the procedures outlined in the School Visitor Policy. Each school's start and end times may be found here

Parents and Families

Here, you will find dates and times for Back to School Nights

ECE Parent Visitation: 

Pre-K parent visitors should adhere to the school security procedures outlined in the School Visitor Policy. During morning arrival, schools will have a designated area for early childhood parents to drop off their Pre-K children and where children will be appropriately supervised and escorted to the classroom by a school staff member. In alignment with the School Visitor Policy, if parents would like to escort their child to the classroom during morning arrival, they are permitted to do so as long as they follow the schools’ security procedures and they exit the school by the start of the instructional activities. Schools will also provide additional opportunities for Pre-K parents to visit the classroom at regular intervals throughout the year. 

American Visitors and Delegations

US-based groups interested in conducting a site visit should contact the school’s principal to request access and make arrangements. If you are interested in conducting a site visit in relation to a certain program (ex. competency-based education or restorative justice), you can also contact the district’s director for that program. The district director can provide you more information about the program and make recommendations about potential school visits.

DCPS International Visitor Process

DCPS attracts visitors from all over the world, and welcomes new voices and perspectives on education whenever possible. In order to best monitor and support the multitude of requests schools receive, international visitors or organizations requesting a visit to must first complete the International Visitor Process (IVP) form. This information allows DCPS to secure visit approval from the DC Executive Office of the Mayor, and allows DCPS to align international visitor's goals with the ideal DCPS Representative and/or school setting. Once this form is completed and approved, international visitors and schools will be supported by a member of the Global Education team with arranging details for the visit. For additional information, please contact Kirsten Hagen.