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DC Public Schools
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Parent Organizations

Parent organizations are groups of parents, and often school staff, who meet regularly to support school goals and the interests of students, teachers, and parents.

Each school is responsible for organizing and maintaining its own parent organization. The type of parent organization varies by school, including Parent Teacher Organizations, Parent Teacher Associations, and Home School Associations, among others. To learn more about your school’s parent organization or how to get involved, please reach out to your school.


Below are the contact names for the parent organization leads at each school. If the information for your school is outdated, please contact [email protected] or (202) 719-6613.

School Name Email/Contact
Amidon-Bowen ES Rose Shelton
Allison Harvey
[email protected]
Anacostia HS    

Ballou HS

Sharona Robinson

[email protected]

Ballou STAY    
Bancroft ES Bo Sterman, Ligia Sterman [email protected], [email protected]
Barnard ES

Angela Blanchard

[email protected]

Beers ES    
Benjamin Banneker HS

John Settles

[email protected]
Lawrence E. Boone ES

Monique Conquest

[email protected]
Brent ES    
Brightwood ES

Vanessa Rubio

[email protected]

Brookand MS    
Browne EC    
Bruce-Monroe ES @ Park View

Diana M. Delgado

[email protected]

Bunker Hill ES

Veronica Martin

[email protected]

Burroughs ES Dr. Lynn Jennings Winder [email protected]
Burrville ES    
C.W. Harris ES

Victoria Samson

[email protected]
Capitol Hill Montessori @ Logan

Jolie Schwarz

[email protected]
Cardozo HS

Huleana Colson

[email protected]
Cleveland ES

Jaqueline Nelson

[email protected]
Columbia Heights EC Percia Williams

[email protected]

Coolidge HS    
Deal MS Maan Sacdalan
Peter Boyce
[email protected]
Dorothy I. Height ES Emily Naden [email protected]
Drew ES    
Dunbar HS    
Eastern HS Amy Weedon [email protected]
Eaton ES Robert Davis [email protected]
Eliot-Hine MS Amy Weedon [email protected]
Duke Ellington School of the Arts Amber Golden [email protected]
Excel Academy    
Garfield ES    
Garrison ES Mia Caras [email protected]
H.D. Cooke ES Maria Felenyuk [email protected]
Hardy MS Jason Orlando
Stephanie Segal
[email protected]
Hart MS    
Hearst ES Kerry Schwed
Christine Galano
[email protected]
[email protected]
Hendley ES    
Houston ES Burnice Cain [email protected]
Hyde-Addison ES Nicole Smith-McDermott  [email protected]
J.O. Wilson ES Catherine Lux Fry [email protected]
Jackson-Reed HS    
Janney ES Kat Davis, Deanna Lizas [email protected]
Jefferson MS Cheryl English
Tori Hawkins-Plummer
[email protected]
John Lewis ES (formerly West ES) Kwame Browner [email protected]
Johnson MS Natalie Hubbard [email protected]
Kelly Miller MS Lloyd Anderson [email protected]
Ketcham ES    
Key ES Tricia Duncan
Jessica Davis
[email protected]
[email protected]
Kimball ES    
King ES    
Kramer MS    
Lafayette ES Margaret Lidstone
Anu Mullick
[email protected]
Langdon ES Kimberly Myers [email protected]
Langley ES Annie Wright [email protected]
LaSalle-Backus ES    
Leckie ES    
Ludlow-Taylor ES Beth O’Connor  [email protected]
Luke C. Moore HS    
MacFarland MS    
Malcolm X ES    
Mann ES Marguerite Clarkson [email protected] 
Marie Reed ES Paty Capatiilo [email protected]
Maury ES Shavanna Miller, Amy Toner [email protected], [email protected]
McKinley Technology MS and HS John Hassell [email protected]
Miner ES Julie Hodgson Muir [email protected]
Moten ES    
Murch ES Elisa O'Keefe
Jess Regan
[email protected]
Nalle ES    
Noyes ES Jeff Miller [email protected]
Oyster-Adams Bilingual School Scott Dafflitto [email protected]
Patterson ES    
Payne ES    

Peabody/Watkins ES

Beth Hayden

[email protected]

Phelps ACE HS


Plummer ES


Powell ES

Diana Delgado

[email protected]

Randle Highlands ES

Mirena Heigh

[email protected]

Raymond ES


River Terrace EC


Ron Brown College Prep HS

Theotric (Tony) White Sr.

[email protected]

Roosevelt HS


Roosevelt STAY


Ross ES

Kate Gardner

[email protected]

Savoy ES


School Without Walls @ Francis-Stevens EC

Carmen Jenkins Frazier

[email protected]

School Without Walls HS


School-Within-School @ Goding

Andrew Kaplan

[email protected]

Seaton ES

Suki Lucier

[email protected]

Shepherd ES

Taryn Losch-Beridon

[email protected]

Simon ES


Smothers ES


Sousa MS


Stanton ES


Stoddert ES

Debby Rager, Michelle Leonard

[email protected]

Stuart-Hobson MS

Beth Hayden

[email protected]

Takoma ES

Angela Ruckel

[email protected]

Thomas ES


Truesdell ES

Fareha Ahmed

[email protected]

Tubman ES

Samantha (Sam) Chaifetz

[email protected] or
[email protected]

Turner ES


Tyler ES

Nick Burger

[email protected]

Van Ness ES

Rebecca Sohmer

[email protected]

Walker-Jones EC


Wheatley EC

Seda Nak

[email protected]

Whitlock ES (Aiton) Atihah Norris [email protected]
Whittier ES Julie Lawson [email protected]
Woodson HS