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DCPS School Naming and Renaming Engagement

The District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) operates 117 schools with the mission of ensuring that every school guarantee students reach their full potential through rigorous and joyful learning experiences provided in a nurturing environment. This mission requires us to deliver education in a school environment supportive of student learning and reflective of the surrounding community served. Schools are named after people, places, or services provided at that location. School names serve to identify the school community, establish a legacy and develop a sense of pride in the traditions of DCPS.

When naming new schools and renaming current schools the Family and Community Engagement Division (FCE) will help to determine the community engagement process. FCE shall notify families, students, alumni and the broader community of the request for a name change, or new school name, and undertake a process to seek input on and recommendations regarding the proposed name.

Learn more about engagement in the following school communities: