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DC Public Schools
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DCPS Strategic Plan - A Capital Commitment 2012-2017

The years 2012 to 2017 were a time of dramatic progress for the District of Columbia Public Schools. With this strategic plan, we recommitted DCPS to providing every student with a safe, academically challenging and inspiring learning experience.

DCPS’ five-year strategic plan, A Capital Commitment 2012-2017, provided a roadmap for building DCPS into a high-quality, vibrant school district that eared the confidence of our community. The plan defined an overarching purpose as well as five goals that guided DCPS’ work through 2017.

Read more about the DCPS’ previous five-year strategic plan below the video.



Our stakeholder commitments reflect our promises to the community and underscore our dedication to improving the quality of education in the District.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to ensure that every DCPS school provides a world-class education that prepares ALL of our students, regardless of background or circumstance, for success in college, career and life.

Our Goals

Based on the hopes and dreams of DCPS stakeholders, these goals will help us align our resources and measure our success.

  1. Improve Achievement Rates - At least 70 percent of our students will be proficient in reading and math, and we will double the number of advanced students in the District.
  2. Invest in Struggling Schools - Our 40 lowest-performing schools will increase proficiency rates by 40 percentage points.
  3. Increase Graduation Rate - At least 75 percent of entering 9th graders will graduate from high school in four years.
  4. Improve Satisfaction - 90 percent of students will say they like their school.
  5. Increase Enrollment - DCPS will increase its enrollment over five years.

Our Stakeholder Commitments

  • To the children of DC, we promise that our top priority is ensuring that you have the opportunity to attend a great school—one that you love and that prepares you for success in life.
  • To DCPS teachers and staff, we promise to respect you as professionals and invest in your success by providing you and your students with the environment, resources, and tools you need.
  • To DCPS school leaders, we promise to respect you as professionals; give you the support to lead; and provide the environment, resources, and tools that you, your staff and your students need to succeed.
  • To parents, we promise to partner with you to ensure your children’s success.
  • To members of the DC community, we promise to provide opportunities for you to contribute to the success of our schools and school district.
  • To potential employers, we promise to provide you with a steady supply of well educated young adults who will make positive contributions to the success of your organizations.
  • To the city (and state) of Washington, DC, we promise to make our school system one that all citizens are proud of—a school system that can be the anchor for thriving, productive and growing communities.

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