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Complete Enrollment Package in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Required Enrollment Forms

  1. Enrollment Checklist
  2. Student Enrollment Form
  3. Residency Verification Guidelines
  4. Home Language Survey
  5. Military Recruitment Opt-Out
  6. Consent and Release for Student to be Filmed/ Photographed/Interviewed and for Use of Image/Voice
  7. School Health Checklist
  8. Immunization Flyer
  9. Universal Health Certificate Instructions
  10. Universal Health Certificate
  11. DC Universal Health Certificate
  12. Oral Health Assessment Form
  13. HPV Vaccine Refusal Form
  14. Notification of Rights under FERPA

Optional Forms

  1. Đơn Gia Đình Nộp Cho Các Buổi Ăn Sáng, Ăn Trưa và Ăn Nhẹ Sau Giờ Học
  2. Các Mẫu Đơn và Hướng Dẫn về Điều Chỉnh Ăn Kiêng