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DC Public Schools
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Teacher Leadership Innovation (TLI)


The Teacher Leadership Innovation (TLI) Program is a unique opportunity for teachers and school leaders to design and implement innovative teacher leadership roles that allow a teacher to spend part of the day teaching and part of the day leading other adults in the building. Designed at the school level, with support from central office, the TLI roles are specifically tailored to a school’s needs and priorities.

TLI aims to (1) provide the training and resources for excellent teachers to take on leadership roles that are meaningful, sustainable, and that address a top school priority, (2) expand the reach of excellent teachers to improve school-wide student achievement, (3) increase the amount of feedback that teachers receive and encourage a culture of collaboration, and (4) improve teacher retention by providing a career pathway that does not require leaving the classroom.

The TLI Program Overview outlines the goals of the TLI program and describes the supports provided to teacher leaders.

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TLI Program Overview
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