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Cheraine Pugh

Cheraine PughCheraine Pugh, a graduating senior at Ballou High School, has always loved working with animals. Next year, Cheraine will follow her passion as she studies biology to prepare herself to become a veterinarian at Winston-Salem State University. Cheraine’s favorite classes have been Anatomy and Physiology because they have provided her an opportunity to learn about how the body works, information that will be valuable in her future career. During her time at Ballou, Cheraine has been involved in community service through the Teen Outreach Program (TOP) and has an internship at the Herb Block Foundation four days a week after school. Thinking back on her time at Ballou, Cheraine says that the school has provided her with the resources she needs to make a post-secondary plan. “They have a lot of resources to help the students and make sure that everyone is on track because they want to see us be successful.” #DCPSGoesToCollege

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