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Ezechinyere Njoku

Ezechinyere NjokuWhile most high school students may be preparing for their driving test, Ezechinyere Njoku, a senior at Benjamin Banneker High School, has spent his time building an electric car in preparation for the annual Washington DC Electric Vehicle Grand Prix. As president of the Banneker Electric Car Club, Ezechinyere is working with a team to build a one-person electric vehicle that competes to cover the longest distance in the allotted hour. During his time at Banneker, Ezechinyere has also made time to give back to his Ward 4 community through his involvement in the George Ferris, Jr. Clubhouse 6 chapter of the Boys & Girls Club. His dedication earned him a nomination for National Youth of the Year. When an after-school teacher provided him with a copy of the book “Gifted Hands,” Ezechinyere was inspired to become a neurosurgeon, a path that he will pursue at Bucknell University this fall as a Posse Scholar. He says that he is interested in exploring how people think and how we shape ourselves into becoming the people that we are. “I really want to get down to the molecular level about how we cognitively think. I want to know it all.” Because of the International Baccalaureate program at Banneker, Ezechinyere says that he feels prepared to take on the challenges he will face at Bucknell. “I already know there are going to be some tough classes, but I’m prepared to take it on and balance it.” He wants other students to know that they should dedicate time to finding their passion. “Find what is out there for you. It is never too early to start to expose yourself to opportunities.” #DCPSGoesToCollege

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