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Nkozia Knight

Nkozia KnightNkozia Knight has not had time to sit back and relax during her senior year at School Without Walls High School. She is already training every day to prepare herself for boot camp, which begins on June 27, and is the first step in enrolling in the United States Air Force Academy. Nkozia says she is looking forward to the mission and structure of the Air Force Academy as well as developing her leadership skills. To her, being a leader means being able to determine the best path forward in a situation and “being able to interpret other people’s strengths in order to reach your goals.” Nkozia plans on beginning a career as an acquisitions officer focused on technological systems management. Later in her career, she plans on becoming a contracts attorney. Nkozia says the independence that she has had at School Without Walls has challenged her over her high school years. “You believe that you are a young adult, but they treat you like an adult and give you so much room to grow.” She says that the diverse student body at School Without Walls has helped prepare her for life after high school. “I gained so much from being around people with different cultures, religions, and ethnicities. That’s something I will take with me.” #DCPSGoesToCollege

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