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TaRajah Ruffin

TaRajah RuffinTaRajah Ruffin, a student at Ballou High School, can’t wait to be the first person in his family to graduate from college. This fall, he will enroll at Winston Salem State University and says he can’t wait to get out of his comfort zone and experience new opportunities. TaRajah visited Winston Salem State on a tour led by Mr. Brown, the college and career counselor at Ballou who is also an alum of Winston Salem State. TaRajah says that Mr. Brown shared with the students what going to the school would really be like, which helped him to realize that it was the right fit. “It felt like home. It felt like I fit in there.” In college, TaRajah is considering majoring in criminal justice or nursing – two subjects he has been exposed to during his time at Ballou through mentors and learning opportunities. This summer, he will shadow nurses through a program at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and learn more about the profession. Thinking back on his time at Ballou, TaRajah says that starting on the football team for the past four years has given him some of his favorite memories, particularly winning the Turkey Bowl in 2017. As he prepares for college this fall, TaRajah is excited for what comes next. “I’m ready to see something new.” #DCPSGoesToCollege

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