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Asiwome Agbleze

Asiwome AgblezeAsiwome Agbleze has always wanted to pursue a career in medicine. When she started high school in Ghana, she was required to pick an area of focus, similar to how students select a college major in the United States. Asiwome chose home economics and biology, which she says had a clear connection to her career aspirations. “I chose home economics because I was reading this medical book about how vegetables and food could heal the body, and it inspired me about how food could cure the body.” Through home economics, Asiwome explored the connection between nutrition and health. After moving to the United States, Asiwome enrolled at Roosevelt STAY High School, where she has continued to explore the sciences. She says her studies have sparked an interest in biochemistry and the ways that the subject allows her to investigate new substances. Outside of school, Asiwome is focused on community service and volunteers with Casey Trees and Thrive DC. She says that she appreciates the way that the self-paced courses at Roosevelt STAY prepare students for college by giving them the independence to manage their time and schedule. “At Roosevelt STAY, the program is really good, especially when you are focused on what you want to do.” #DCPSGoesToCollege

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