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Olinda Rodriguez

Olinda RodriguezDuring her time at Cardozo Education Campus, Olinda Rodriguez has focused on helping others. “I like to help people who don’t have a voice and who are scared to share their thoughts.” Olinda joined student government in 9th grade and has spent the past four years focused on giving all students – particularly immigrant students – a voice at their school. Olinda also joined Peer Forward, an organization that supports students on the path to college by helping them to fill out their FAFSA forms and earn scholarships. Olinda says one of her proudest accomplishments was encouraging a fellow student to go through the college application process and then celebrating when the student was accepted to American University. This fall, Olinda will enroll at George Washington University (GW) where she plans on pursuing a career in medicine, another choice that she says is aligned with her interest in helping others. Olinda says that from her honors aerospace engineering courses to her biology classes, Cardozo has helped prepare her to succeed. “Cardozo has amazing programs that you can choose from. It’s a school that will help you to achieve all of your dreams.” #DCPSGoesToCollege

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