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Kevin Akers

Kevin AkersWhen Kevin Akers explored his love of science at School Without Walls High School, he recognized that there needed to be more opportunities for young students of color to be exposed to STEM careers. As a result, Kevin founded STEM for the Streets, an organization that focuses on mentoring students of color through hands-on STEM experiments. During each session, Kevin brings in STEM professionals of color to work with students and ends the session with a family dinner. “Everyday people can make a change, and I believe especially that young people can make a change.” He says that beyond exposing students to STEM careers, his organization is focused on building a sense of community for students. “No education is complete without compassion for the community [students] live in.” This fall, Kevin plans on expanding the area that STEM for the Streets serves when he enrolls at the University of Massachusetts - Lowell on a full scholarship. Kevin plans on majoring in mechanical engineering and enrolling in a program through which he can earn his bachelor’s plus a master’s degree in five years. At School Without Walls, Kevin has already started to explore his interest in rocket propulsion through the school’s Space Club. Last year, the group was the first DCPS school to make it to the finals of the Team America Rocketry challenge when their rocket traveled more than 700 feet. As a 16-year-old high school senior, Kevin says that he wants to encourage other students to pursue their dreams. “Working hard will always pay off.” #DCPSGoesToCollege

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