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Noah White

Noah WhiteWhen Noah White first visited the University of Wisconsin - Madison, he says that the students he met made the school appealing to him. “I liked how much the students really loved the school. It wasn’t just about school spirit – they knew what they were going there for and wanted to get an education.” At the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Noah plans on studying biology to pursue his interest in biomedical engineering. He says his interest in engineering began during a summer program at George Washington University during his sophomore year. “That’s where I fell in love with engineering,” Noah says. He was drawn to the way that his engineering course was “design-oriented” and created an opportunity “to create, but also to help people.” Before Noah starts his freshman year this fall, he has been invited to compete in the Amateur Athletic Union national championship for taekwondo, a sport he began when he was five years old. Noah says taekwondo, which he practices at least three days a week, has given him benefits beyond physical fitness. “Without martial arts, I would be a different person. I try to live by the five tenets in my daily life: courtesy, integrity, self-control, indomitable spirit, and perseverance." At Banneker High School, Noah says that he appreciated the opportunity to meet students from across the district who each had different perspectives and that his time at Banneker has “bettered [him] as a person.” He wants to encourage students to seek a balance between academics and a non-academic outlet. “Find something cathartic, whether it is playing a sport, or doing art.” #DCPSGoesToCollege

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